Most Trusted Home Addition Services to Beautify Your Home

Most Trusted Home Addition Services to Beautify Your Home

If you are looking for the perfect builders that can be built up an additional story in your house, there are many options available. People in Toronto are lucky enough to get in touch with the best home builders. The second story additions in Toronto are quite common among many house owners. If your space is too small and you can’t handle it, building up a news story on the top will work out best. Most families are big, and when they are growing, they require additional space to fit in. Maybe you have a teenager at home, or you are welcoming a new baby so that the second story addition will work out in your favor. If this isn’t enough, you may be looking for a new branch on the second floor, so looking for the best home builder will be the perfect decision. Most of the time, it has been observed that people like to build up a new kitchen in the upper story of the house, so dealing with professionals is the only solution.

Have a Comfortable Building Experience

Homeowners are mostly very confused and want everything to go well when it comes to the construction of a new story. If you have a good builder by your side, feel assured that you can sleep with comfort. It won’t be difficult to make some additions to your home, including family rooms, second floors, kitchens, and bedrooms. When you plan to get your house remodeled or build a new addition, there is a lot of time required and a very high cost. We try to keep everything on the affordable side as many clients are worried about their budget. However, it is best to research for a good contractor and builder, and the experts will help you built a home of your desires. If there is an extension for a house or a basement that will be made, get in touch with our professionals, and they will handle it all.

Trusted Home Addition Services to Beautify Your Home

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We can offer you satisfaction and take care of the building projects very well. The high-quality custom homes will please you while the renovations will be taken care of easily. Most of the Toronto houses may not have a second story, but it is a necessity that you cannot deny. The builders are just one call away, so don’t hesitate and schedule an appointment with them. You can put in your trust, and we will handle all your needs with cozy and sophisticated designs. Have an elegant and comfortable addition to your home is a must-have, so why not go for it?


Essential Considerations When Upgrading Your Kitchen

If you are considering doing a kitchen upgrade, then there is a lot to think about. There are so many new ideas and products out there, but you need to have a good plan and stick to it. Upgrading your kitchen should be a lot of fun. Especially if you have lived in the same place many years and you have grown tired of looking at the same old cabinets and appliances. Whether you plan to do a little or a lot make sure you get good advice from experienced friends and home improvement experts. It is usually not necessary to transform your entire kitchen, sometimes you can keep some elements or upgrade them with a coat of paint. Here are some of the things that will have the biggest impact.

  • Flooring: Sometimes all a kitchen needs to be refreshed is a new floor. The flooring options have changed a lot in the last 20 years, and if your kitchen is merely suffering from nineties style. It might be a simple thing to check out some of the new flooring options. Flooring options can be seen at Amber Tiles or through an Internet search. It used to be hardwood was too expensive to consider, and the same was true for high quality ceramic tiles, but the availability and manufacturing techniques have done a lot to make things more affordable.
  • Appliances: You are likely looking at getting new appliances too. Make sure you consider them as a set and investigate some of the new smart appliances that are making life easier all the time. Another feature to consider in the kitchen is a new lighting system. You can buy fully programmable LED’s, so you can have it bright for cooking, and then moody for romantic evenings.
  • Cabinets: Cabinets are a major factor in every kitchen. They set the style for the room and they are often the largest item in your house. If you are looking at getting new cabinets. Make sure you investigate some of the brilliant engineering that has been developed recently, there are some clever ways to use space more efficiently, such as an appliance garage, which is a strong shelf that stores all your lesser used appliances out of the way. But it can be pulled out to give you easy access. You should get more cabinet space than you think you need; you always need more.
  • Island: If you have an older kitchen that doesn’t have an island make sure you get one when you do your upgrade. You will find that this is the most used surface in the whole house, and you will wonder how you ever did without it, it is also a stylish feature that can be dressed up with a nice piece of natural or cultured stone. This is one more place for storage as well.

Make sure you get professional help with your planning and with the installations, unless you have a lot of experience. It would be a shame to have first rate materials and a second-rate application. Your kitchen is the most important room in your house, and you should do everything you can, to make sure it reaches its full potential.

How Onsite Storage Solutions Save Money

How Onsite Storage Solutions Save Money

When it comes to a multifamily apartment building, one thing is for sure; the people that live there could seriously benefit from having an extra space to store their unused belongings in. It’s even better if the storage bins make the property owner money. Believe it or not, onsite storage solutions have the potential to boost property value, bring in higher-quality tenants, and generate a substantial amount of extra income.  Although it may not seem like a big deal, adding storage bins to an apartment building is a sure way to make everybody happy – except for the thieves.

Secure Storage Solutions

If you think about it there is no better way to add value to a property than to invest in the security and safety of the residents. Most people just want to live their lives in a safe, and comfortable environment where they can relax if they want to. Worrying about crime and other ugly issues can cause a lot of stress for a person. A recent survey uncovered the shocking truth that residents prefer to have an on-site storage solution and they would be willing to pay more to have it. The type of storage that they prefer is a solid, secure storage bin that will keep their belongings private, and securely locked behind a steel enclosure. If the tenants said they would be willing to pay more, then why not take them up on the offer?

Most tenants will go off-site and store their things in a storage facility that charges upwards of $75 per month. Why let the off-site storage place get that money, when you, as a property owner could benefit much more by having them pay you instead? Your property value goes up because of the added security and awesome aesthetics, and you generate more income. That is a win-win above all win-wins.

Here is Where the Savings Are

We talked a little about where the extra money comes in, but let’s talk about the savings that come with installing secure storage bins. In an apartment building that has no storage in place, the tenants will most likely store extra belongings in the head of their parking space where they park their vehicle. They will also resort to open hallways and cramped balconies. If they run out of room in the apartment and need somewhere to put extra stuff, they will use what is available. If every tenant does that, the whole garage becomes ugly and messy looking. It also becomes a magnet for thieves. When thieves find a place that has easy targets, they will come back again and again. Some apartments leave tenants no choice but to put extra belongings in the parking area because there is nowhere else for them to store them. This causes hazards, thieves, and eyesores. In fact, the costs of repeated crimes and possible lawsuits for allowing it to go on alone can add up to millions of dollars.

As for the cheaper version of storage bins, the wire cage bins are more of a problem than a solution. People can see right through to the inside of them and are able to have an accurate inventory list of whatever is stored inside of them. This also causes problems because it attracts thieves. The wire cages may seem secure, but anybody with a strong set of wire cutters can chop right inside and steal everything that is present.

The savings also can come from potentially great tenants who come to tour the property for a place to live. If they see a place that looks secure and safe they are more likely to come back and sign that rental agreement. If they tour a place that looks like it is full of problems and thieves, they will probably look elsewhere. If you have empty apartments, you might just fill them up if you had a secure storage solution in place.

Invest in Your Future

The bottom line is that your tenants would prefer to have a nice, secure place to store their extra belongings. The tenants that are already renting could benefit from a great storage place. The ones who are yet to move in are more apt to stay if there is one already in place. You can invest in the future of your property and push your building up to the next level.  Get in touch with the experts at Bradyl Storage Solutions and see your options today. There is no better time than right now.

Simple Storage Solutions for an Apartment Complex

Simple Storage Solutions for an Apartment Complex

In a recent study regarding storage solutions for apartments, the results showed that the majority of the people that live in apartments would rather have a place to store their extra belongings on-site than to have to use an off-site storage facility. Most of the residents stated that they are, or are in the process of, renting a storage place off the site of the apartment building. What these results suggest is that storage is in high demand for renters. It also suggests that landlords are in the position to make some great changes that will not only benefit the residents but, themselves with an extra source of revenue that will stream from added storage solutions.

Some Great Ways to Add Value

There are a lot of storage options available out there on the market today. The best kind of solution is the one that is going to add value for everybody involved. Bradyl Storage Solutions is the kind of company that will travel out to your property and conducts an on-site assessment to determine the best way to move forward in the storage installation process. They will uncover any available space that you may have overlooked while searching for your own solution. After they discover extra space and do a thorough look through of your whole opportunity they can determine a great plan for you and stand beside you every step of the way.

The Bradyl Bin

The Bradyl Bin is a revolutionary type of storage solution that can be constructed to fit in the spaces that your complex has in its unique manner. Strong, durable, and good-looking, this type of storage can be implemented for fewer costs than you might imagine. They are customizable storage bins that can come with roll-up doors and other preferred styles. One thing that is great about them is that they make the whole place look organized and secure. They can also bring in a good amount of extra money each month because renters will be willing to pay more just to have them.

The Bradyl Box

The Bradyl Box is a great solution for apartment buildings that want to provide adequate storage, without using up space. What makes these boxes so unique is that they are designed so that the tenant can part their vehicle under them so that the storage space is suspended over the hood of the vehicle. These boxes stand up on legs that can adjust to accommodate vehicles large and small. Although some large trucks and SUVs may have a hard time fitting in the space, most vehicles will fit snugly and securely under the box and provide great storage. It may seem small but there are 80 cubic feet of room in each box. This means you store a lot of stuff in one. This includes bicycles, camping gear, boxes, and other stuff. This solution also provides an extra stream of revenue because the landlord can charge extra for the storage. Most tenants would be more than willing to pay for it too.

The Bottom Line

Adding a great storage solution to an apartment building does not have to be complicated, nor does it have to cost an arm and a leg. There is an ever-growing demand for on-site storage solutions in the multifamily apartment industry so there is no time better than the present to get started on the project. All you have to do to get started is to contact the experts at Bradyl Storage Solutions and get the ball rolling. Learn for yourself how cost-effective installing storage boxes or bins actually is, and how much you can actually get from an installation.


By Beautiful Condos In Margaritaville Today

If you have decided that you want to buy a new condo for yourselves that could serve either as a permanent residence or as a vacation home then, the very first thing you will want to do would be to make sure that you will be able to find the best possible options for you.

Are You Looking For A Good Vacation House?

Most people nowadays are actually looking to buy vacation condos and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want a condo with a pool, close to the countryside or the beach, a place where they can go and relax every weekend or during their vacation days.

Margaritaville can most certainly be considered an amazing location. As a potential location destination, it is quite popular, being chosen by countless of tourists every single year. It is a living place with a lot of potential.

Buying A House Margaritaville

And yes, it is certainly the kind of place that you’re going to want to consider buying your vacation condo in. If you go online and you do a little bit of research on the sunset walk residences condos Margaritaville you will find yourselves in front of some pretty amazing options.

We are talking about some of the country’s most beautiful condos that will be able to provide you with all amenities. Excellent parking, beautiful pools and most importantly, a calm and fun environment for you to spend your vacation.


You Can Have Your Own Vacation Condo

It is important we remember that, having a condo or a vacation home is actually way for you to reward yourselves for a job well done. If you’re the kind of person who works throughout the year to save money, this could be a great way for you to spend that money.

If you buy a condo today then you already know that you have property in your hands which you can then later on either sell or rent in order for you to be able to make some of that money back if not even more.

A Great Investment For You

At the same time, you don’t know that for as long as you want to have a beautiful house to take a vacation in. Whether you think about this from a quality point of view or a potential investment, we can definitely guarantee that, buying a condo in Margaritaville is most certainly going to be one of the smartest decisions you are never going to make. Find the best house today.

It Takes The Right Real Estate Agent To Get The Right Price For Your Property

It Takes The Right Real Estate Agent To Get The Right Price For Your Property

You would think that the prices for properties would be going down due to the current pandemic, but the opposite is said to be true. For some unexplainable reason, the prices of properties all around Australia continue to rise, and so now is the perfect time to sell your home. Many people wrongfully assume the prices would be going down, but that’s not the case. If you have been waiting for the right time to sell your property, then it’s now, and you need to start getting your ducks in a row if you want to get the best price. Trying to sell your home yourself would be an almost impossible task, because of the amount of work that has to be done to promote and sell your property. Thankfully, we can turn to estate agents to get the job done, but the issue is about finding one that is good enough and who you can trust.

If you are thinking to yourself ‘how much is my house worth then the one person who can reply to that accurately is your local real estate agent. They have a knowledge of the local market and they have probably sold a property similar to yours before. Many people turn to the Internet to read the various reviews about real estate agents and about what kind of service that they provided to previous customer. However, many of these reviews may be tainted and so you can’t trust them 100%. There is another more effective way, however, and if you look at the localagentfinder website, you will find everything that you need to know.

The current charges – You probably know the most expensive UK cities for property, because you have read about them online and in the newspapers, but it is unlikely that you’re not up-to-date with prices in your own area. When you’re thinking of selling your home, you really do need to know how much commission that your estate agent is going to charge you for the sale. Even a small difference in one real estate agent’s commission rate compared to another, can be the difference of many thousands of dollars. In order to make an informed choice, you need to know their commission rates and this excellent website can provide you with all of the details.

Past sales history – In order to sell your property, you need to be working with a real estate agent who has sold a property similar to yours in the past. This way they will know the whole layout of the house and they will be aware of what exactly this property is actually worth. You also don’t want to have your house on the market for too long, so to have a real estate agent who sold multiple properties like this before is the perfect answer. This website will tell you about all of the properties that a real estate agent has sold before and his or her success rate. For more advice on how to properly deal with real estate agents, have a look here.

You can now choose the right real estate agent for your property with your eyes wide open, and this gives you a new sense of confidence that your property will sell quickly and you will get the best price possible.

Bathroom Sinks

Tips When Buying Bathroom Sinks

If you are like most people, you probably already have one or two basic bathroom sinks available at your home improvement store or your local hardware store. But if you do not have a lot of money to spend and want to create a stylish looking bathroom that is both functional and attractive, then you may want to consider adding a few new pieces to your existing sink.

There are several different styles of sink available for your bathroom, including modern, traditional, modern with scalloped corners, vintage and country style sinks. The first thing that you need to consider when shopping for new bathroom sinks is the budget that you have available. In addition, you will need to consider the type of bathroom sink that you plan to get.

Some bath room sinks can be installed on the floor, while others can be mounted directly onto a counter top, vanity or top shelf. These sinks can be built into a cabinetry unit or can simply be installed on the counter top. The style of the bath sink that you select will depend on the overall design of the bathroom and the type of material that are used in the sink. For example, ceramic sinks are very popular due to their durability, while porcelain sinks are usually reserved for bathrooms with high traffic.

If you are planning to add a bathroom to an existing room, you may want to think about how your existing space could be used. Is there a specific area of the bathroom that would benefit from a new sink? Perhaps you could add a vanity sink so that it can hold a nice mirror for grooming purposes. You may also want to include a separate sink for your bathroom’s shampoo, soap and other toiletries.

Another important consideration when selecting a new sink is the size. There are many types of sinks available in sizes ranging from small to large, depending on the amount of space available. Small sinks are ideal if you are only going to be using the sink for simple tasks such as rinsing dishes or getting soap out of the washer, while larger bathroom sinks are usually needed for tasks such as hand washing or making hot water.

Bathroom sinks come in several different materials, including porcelain, acrylic, cast iron and copper. Porcelain is a durable material that looks great but is more expensive than some of the other options.

Ceramic bathroom sinks have been gaining in popularity as of late due to their beautiful designs, which is why many people prefer to use them for their bathrooms. Another advantage of porcelain bathroom sinks is that they require very little maintenance. Although they look nice, the only time they will require any kind of maintenance is when it is time to clean them.

Tub sinks are another popular option for bathroom sinks. The advantage of tub sinks is that they are relatively easy to install and easy to remove from the wall, since you can slide them right out from underneath the tub.

Tub sinks usually have a decorative frame around the rim, which adds to the appeal of the sink itself. Some tub sinks also have a built-in cover, which allows you to create a unique look for your bathroom.

Shower sinks can be made from many different materials, including stainless steel. These are very sleek looking sinks, with a sleek and clean finish. They are very popular in bathrooms, particularly if they feature a hand held showerhead.

You can find bathroom sinks in most hardware or home improvement stores, although there are some that can be purchased online. if you do not want to have to travel to find one. It is important to keep in mind that you should be aware of the size, weight, water capacity, and maintenance requirements of your particular sink, as well as the weight and size of the sink itself, when selecting the type that is right for you.

Remember, bathroom sinks are a way to make your bathroom more functional. Selecting the right one for your home can increase the beauty of the room while providing a way to reduce the hassle that is associated with maintaining a clean and organized bathroom.

Why Wire Mesh Storage Bins Are A Bad Idea

Why Wire Mesh Storage Bins Are A Bad Idea

Wire mesh storage bins seem like a good idea at the time because they appear to be cost-efficient, secure, and adequate for storage. However, down the line, they cause more problems than solutions. It turns out that getting a great storage solution costs about the same and provides a lot more security. Why would somebody install more problems? Because they are unaware of the solution. Here are some reasons why wire mesh storage bins are a bad idea and some solutions that will help to fix the problems.

Lack Of Privacy

Wire mesh is just that; wire mesh. Anybody can see through it and know what is inside of the storage box. When you have an apartment complex with lots of people, you will most likely have lots of wire mesh storage cages to accommodate them. In this kind of environment, everybody can see everybody else’s stuff. There is no hiding and no privacy. Of course, people can put tarps over their belongings if the complex allows it, but this can cause more problems as well. Residents that pay rent should not have to cover their stuff with tarps in order to have the privacy that they deserve.

They Attract Thieves

As awful as it sounds, anybody can be a thief. It all depends on where their morals lie. If a kid sees a bike that they like and an easy way to get it, they might just think of a way to get that bike. If the bike is behind a wire mesh enclosure, it is going to be easy to get. A strong set of wire cutters or tin snips can slice right through the mesh, and a person can get in and out in a couple of minutes. Not every thief is a kid, and they don’t all have a simple agenda. If they know an area that has easy stuff to steal, they will hang around and look for things to get. When people’s belongings are stored out in the open for all eyes to see, they are vulnerable to theft. That is just the way it is.

They Are Not Secure

As we mentioned above, wire mesh storage cages are easy to break into. Anything and everything that is stored within them are at a greater risk than if they were behind a solid wall because people can see inside of them and know what is there. Even if the stuff is covered with a tarp, what is to stop a thief from watching a person putting things inside of the storage box? Yes, thieves can watch people put stuff into enclosed storage places, but the enclosed storage places are a lot harder to break into.

They Don’t Look Good

When a prospective tenant goes to a property to see if they would like to live in that place, they probably would prefer to see security and safety as opposed to clutter and chaos. Most people would prefer to live in a peaceful environment that they feel safe in. Wire mesh cages make a property look like a lockdown facility. Who wants to live near cages? On the other hand, secure, solid storage bins look fantastic, provide security, and are private. Many people looking for a place to live would prefer having a solid storage solution as opposed to a wire mesh box.


If you already have wire storage bins in place, don’t worry, it is easy enough to upgrade. Installing strong, secure, private storage solutions into your apartment building is probably a lot cheaper than you would think. On top of the cost-effective point, storage bins can provide an opportunity to generate more income on an ongoing basis by simply charging a small fee every month for each tenant. If you would like to learn more about this and get started today, contact the storage experts Bradyl Storage Solutions.