6 Tips for Selling a House in an Undesirable Location

6 Tips for Selling a House in an Undesirable Location

It happens to all kinds of folks, but for whatever reason, you can go to sell your home and realize that something that didn’t matter to you matters a lot to your potential buyers. From school systems to neighborhoods, road noise from a nearby highway to being far out of town, there are many reasons why buyers shy away from a particular location even if the home itself is great. So how can you sell your home for a good price anyway? It’s all about finding just that one perfect buyer and showing them what they can have with your home.

Ask Your Agent About Strategic Upgrades to Boost Value

Before you’re ready to list, talking to your real estate agent is a good idea. With a home in an area that might make it harder to sell, you want to be very careful with things like pricing strategy, of course, but you also might want to do a couple of strategic updates. If, for instance, people are jumping to buy homes with new screened-in porches in your area, talk to your agent about whether factoring in some improvements or upgrades could be enough to pull a few buyers onto the radar.

Market Unique Features to Specific Groups

Another strategy that you can use involves noticing what your home offers. Making sure that you emphasize desirable amounts of bedrooms or bathrooms, or the fact of a finished basement or the fact that the home is a ranch-style one-story building, all can target particular potential buyers. The goal is to make sure that at least one buyer is thrilled to discover your home’s unique features are available.

Brainstorm Concessions Relevant to the Location

While few locations lend themselves to a single upgrade that could change the desirability, some simple upgrade concessions, like a credit toward fencing or sound blocking landscaping, could potentially improve the overall picture for potential buyers. Talk to your agent about whether this is a good option for your home’s sale.

Simple Tips for Selling Your House Faster

Make Showings Successful With Strong Curb Appeal

Even a generally undesirable location can be overcame if the home looks amazing. Curb appeal efforts like new paint and landscaping can make a skeptical buyer think twice and consider ways to work around any location concerns.

Price for the Realities of the Market – People Love a Deal

If you know that the above items aren’t enough to boost interest fully, dropping the price can be a way to help someone see the home as perfect given their need for a good deal. It’s never fun to lower the price you were hoping for, but selling the house efficiently is its own kind of savings, and you’ll be glad you priced based on what the market could really yield.

Make Sure Wide Varieties of People See Your Listing

Once you’ve put these factors into place, make sure your agent is getting this listing out into the many listing sites online. You want home shoppers to find your house and be impressed with its features, curb appeal, price, and more, so that even a less-than-ideal location doesn’t matter as much to them. When buyers say wow on all the other factors, there is sometimes a way to work around the location issues!