10 Tips for Speedy Bathroom Cleaning

10 Tips for Speedy Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom can be a horrible task, and one that most of us feel like skipping. However, it’s important that this frequently used room stays as hygienic as possible, as often as possible, so avoiding cleaning it at all, is not recommended.

With the following tips, however, you should be able to get your bathroom spotlessly clean in next to no time:

Take Every Item from Its Usual Spot in The Bathroom

It’s much more effective to clean your bathroom properly with everything removed, so that you can reach every corner. Take as much out as you can, in one go, and you’ll be able to see what needs cleaner better, too.

Eliminate The Dust First

Every bathroom has its dust bunnies, but you can simply use a microfiber duster on a long handle to reach high dust, and vacuum up any dust on the lower levels; most vacuum cleaners have a variety of attachments suitable for this.

Squirt Your Favorite All-Purpose Cleaner On Your Shower and Tub

Apply your chosen cleaning solution where it’s most needed and let it soak while you concentrate on other areas of the bathroom.

Now Squirt Your Favorite All-Purpose Cleaner Over Other Surfaces

After spraying all surfaces and towel racks, shelves etc. with your cleaning solution, quickly wipe each surface down, taking care to work from the top to the bottom, and from left to right.

Prepare A Floor Cleaning Solution

All you need for this is a bucket full of warm water and the recommended amount of your favorite cleaning solution.

Clean The Shower And Tub

Now that the all-purpose cleaner has worked some of its magic, it shouldn’t take too much effort to clean away the remaining grime from the shower and tub.

When Surfaces Are Dry, Return All Items

Once every clean surface is dry and free from dust or grime, replace everything that you removed; giving them a quick wipe down before doing so if needed.

Tackle The Vanity Area

Use the same all-purpose cleaner to spray the sink, faucets and countertops and then use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe them all down. For a fresher smell and awesome stain removing abilities, use lemons or a solution of baking soda combined with vinegar. If the mirror is grubby, give it a quick clean with a special glass cleaner, or vinegar and rolled up newspaper.

Clean the Toilet

Depending upon how stained your toilet is inside, you might get away with a light wipe down, or you might need a more industrial strength cleaning solution. Some solutions can be left overnight for better results, but whatever you do, don’t forget to clean the exterior of the toilet, too, including around the base and the cistern.

Mope the Floor

Using your previously made bucket of cleaning solution, dip your mop in and give the floor a thorough clean.

As with most cleaning tasks, the more often you carry them out, the easier your job will be, but if you don’t have the time for frequent bathroom cleaning, ask a local, professional cleaning company to keep it hygienically clean for you, instead.