A Guide to Buying in Armonia Compound

A Guide to Buying in Armonia Compound

Nowadays, everyone wants to live in a high-standard society. The exotic place and beautiful scenery look extremely appealing. All this and more are offered by Armonia Compound

The compound is located in the middle of the administrative capital. It has been developed with standard features and the latest technology.

The entire area looks futuristic. Furthermore, the apartments provide maximum comfort with a dreamlike view. Let us take an in-depth look at Armonia compound. This will help you choose the one made for you.


Armonia compound is located in a sophisticated area. It’s near one of the top-class localities. The exact location is the E3 plot in the R7 area. Most valuable locations like the opera house, airport, Ain Sokhna, medical city, are near to this compound. Thus, making this sector a high-in-demand area.

The main area constitutes about 42 acres of land. Armonia compound offers apartments, villas, and studio buildings. The infrastructure provides privacy along with serene beauty.

Benefits of Purchasing the Property

There are various reasons for settling in this place. Here are some key characteristics of the compound:

Better Lifestyle

After living in a luxurious environment, you will notice a change in your life. You will experience a complete euphoria. The calm locality with beautiful scenery creates a blissful place to live. Furthermore, you will feel more comfortable and convenient living in such a place.

Live Close to Nature

The whole area is filled with greenery. The green land occupies a larger geographical area. Beautiful trees and plants can be seen near the sidewalks. There is also a separate garden for pets. As a result of this, both your mind and body will be cleansed.

Amazing Society

This is a top-notch social place. You will find many like-minded people here. Additionally, you won’t find the area to be as crowded as the cities.

Safe and Secure Ecosystem

Armonia compound is completely secure from all angles. Basic safety measures are placed in different areas of the locality. Your building will be Weill-equipped to withstand anything. Plus, security guards are always present for your help.

Fitness and Wellness

Spas, gyms, jogging-tracks, all fitness systems are present here. It is heaven for a health and fitness enthusiast. You can get complete benefits of nature and health.

Offered Prices

Each building has a unique price. Starting from 10,000 EGP to 13,000 EGP per meter, Armonia compound provides a splendid environment to live in. Though, if you want to buy a single apartment, then you may start around 1,345,000 EGP.

The starter pack allows only one bedroom with a kitchen and bathroom. This can stretch up to 4 bedrooms with additional rooms for various purposes. Terrace facility is provided in almost every package.

Should you Invest?

Investing in a property is a tough task. Whether you require a basic apartment or a lavish-looking villa, every building is expensive. Still, if you want a luxurious lifestyle, then there is always a price to pay. With state-of-the-art facilities, Armonia Compound is the perfect place to invest your money.