Do I Really Need a Mattress Protector? An Essential Guide for you!

Do I Really Need a Mattress Protector? An Essential Guide for you!

An adult is advised to sleep for at least 7 hours at night and again and again, there have been developments in making sleep more beneficial and enjoyable for people. Beginning with the type of mattress to the bedding, all these help offer a peaceful bedtime. However, how about prolonging the durability of a mattress that holds you in the night?

Bedding choices are a priority to individuals and families around the world. After investing in a perfect mattress, the question of its protection, then comes to mind. There are many mattress accessories used to enhance comfort and softness like mattress toppers, but for protection, a quality mattress protector is necessary.

The best choice will provide a reliable defense system not only against bedbugs, but also from spills, wear and tear. Good enough, there is also an option of customizable mattress protectors for your king-size mattress, queen-size mattress or a twin-size mattress. If you’re a parent, a crib mattress protector is a must-have as it will save you from having your child’s mattress ruined in just a year.

Why Do you Require a Mattress Protector?

Here is why you should get it and how to choose the right one for you.


Mattress protectors cover mattresses like a fitted bedsheet and will protect it from spills “liquids”, bacteria and allergens. Some are even undetectable and will not produce any noise as you turn in the bed. There is a variety of them on the market, ranging from zippered protectors, fitted and elastic protectors that have straps to act as an anchor. Get one if you need to extend the longevity of your mattress.

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Common materials for protectors include cotton, down, polyester, vinyl, and polyurethane (waterproof). If you normally suffer from allergies, a hypoallergenic protector is an ideal choice. It will prevent dust and other particles from escaping the mattress. Cotton feels soft and cool, polyester is warm and slightly thinner, whereas vinyl is cold, damage and stain resistant. Whether you need a waterproof, hypoallergenic or a hybrid protector, you can easily find one online or in stores at reduced prices.


There are all sizes of protectors be it king size (6 ft X 6.5 ft), queen size (5 ft X 6.5 ft) or single bed size (3 ft X 6 ft). Ensure to know your mattress size before heading out to buy one, and if you aren’t sure, seek help. Apart from the size, one also has to settle on a type of finish. There is a range of finishes, but precisely categorized under quilted and non-quilted.

Other considerations include the breathability of a protector and the thread count. A higher thread count means that the fabric is softer and thicker to feel. You can find a high-quality encasement that is easily washable and eco-friendly.

Ensure to follow the wash care instructions indicated on the protector, although most of them are machine-washable. If you have any doubt about the specific care instructions, it’s best to share them with the seller or the manufacturer in case in touch.