High Security Locks and Keys Explained

High Security Locks and Keys Explained

Even if you live in a relatively crime free area, the risk of intrusion is sadly always present, and we should never be complacent about our safety, as well as that of our home. Gone are the days when doors could be left unlocked all day long and there would be no consequences, and with burglars, thieves and other criminal types honing and enhancing their methods of obtaining unlawful access to properties, we should all be asking ourselves whether our existing lock and key systems will give us enough protection in the event of an intrusion.

Upgrading to high security locks and keys is a fantastic and cost-effective way of giving your home an added layer of protection and helping to deter criminals from trying to break in.

Below, we look in more detail at exactly what high security locks and keys are:

High Security Locks Explained:

Designed to afford a higher level of protection, high security locks are often reinforced with rods and plates that make it virtually impossible for criminals to use traditional methods of gaining entry, such as lock picking or drilling. Containing a more complex pin system, the hardware inside each high security lock means that only corresponding high security locks can unlock them. And because they are typically made with reinforced plates on the door frame, it’s far more difficult for someone to kick the door in or break the doorframe.

Using different technology to secure the cylinder, these locks are exceptionally good at making your home secure, and make for a sound home security investment.

Talk to your locksmith about implementing high security locks like mul-t-lock in your existing hardware, or to discuss any other methods of securing your home.

High Security Keys Explained:

To match your high security lock, you’ll need a set of high security, restricted keys, and a qualified and skilled locksmith can make them for you. Much harder to copy (in fact only the locksmith who made them for you, or supplied you with them can do so), the blanks used in high security keys like mt5 high security key sare restricted, and the locksmith will doubtless have a procedure in place for making sure that only those authorized to do so, can get a copy. This may involve them tracking the number of keys that have been made, keeping a formal record of authorized individuals or even asking for a form of identification before issuing a copy, making them an extremely secure and effective component of a high security locking system.

Now that you know how high security locks and keys work, perhaps it’s time that you talked to your local locksmith about upgrading your existing system to give you and your home the best levels of protection you possibly can; don’t wait until it’s too late.