Importance of Carry Out Electrical Testing

Importance of Carry Out Electrical Testing

Do you want to identify the electrical faults and reduce the risk of electrical shock? Then you must carry out electrical testing in order to ensure the safety of your house. Periodic electrical testing is necessary to ensure the safety of your property. This testing is carried out by the Electrical contractors appointed by government bodies like ECA or NICEIC, and they provide the EICR report after the inspection of installations.

Know the Importance of Electrical Safety

Electrical energy is essential in our day-to-day lives for many reasons. But proper managing of this energy is very important for the safety of people and properties. It can create many hazards such as electrical shock and arc flash and very dangerous to live. It can even result in death if exposed to electricity. Even electrical shock can lead to injuries like the destruction of nerves and tissue, thermal burns, and cardiac arrest. You can avoid all such dangerous situations by carrying out proper electrical inspection and testing.

Need of Periodic Electrical Testing

If you are a house owner or building owner, you know the importance of carrying out electrical testing and get the EICR report. You can approach a reputed electrical contractor approved by ECA or NICEIC to carry out the periodic electrical testing in order to ensure the safety of your property.

What is an EICR Report?

Everybody prefers to get to know the conditions of their electronic appliances and installation for safety concerns. EICR stands for an electrical installation condition report which identifies the defects, damage, and deterioration of electrical installations. The electrical contractor issues a report after carrying out the testing. You can get a clear idea of the condition of each electrical installation and appliances from this report.

The government approved contractor will inspect the installation against the Requirements for Electrical Installations. It is the national safety standard for electrical installations. An average-sized house with three bedrooms and eight circuits requires approximately 4 hours for conducting the electrical testing.

The report provided by the electrical contractor generally provides observation codes. There are four types of codes in this report as follows:

Code C1 – As per this code, this electrical installation is at immediate risk. Some danger exists with it and needs immediate action to rectify the issue.

Code C2 – The defect observed by the electrician is not considered to be serious at the time of testing, but that can create a risk if a foreseeable event or fault occurs in the connected equipment or installation.

Code C3 – As per this code, the observed defect is not considered to be dangerous or a source of potential danger.

Code F1 – It shows the requirement for further investigation

Carrying out the periodic testing and inspection of electrical installations is necessary for every domestic and business property in order to ensure safety. Even many property buyers prefer to check the EICR report before purchasing the property. You can get the full summary of the condition of the electrical appliances and installations in your home or office through this report. Approach a government-approved Newcastle electrician if you want to carry out the testing of your electrical installations for safety.