When Do you Need Lawn Equipment Repair Services?

When Do you Need Lawn Equipment Repair Services?

Do you have concerns that your lawn equipment is not functioning correctly? Perhaps there’s a problem with the way your lawn equipment works, but you’re not sure what to look for.

Because lawn equipment is loud outdoor power equipment, it’s easy to miss the symptoms that anything is wrong with them. Furthermore, because lawn equipment is a seasonal commodity, it can rust if left in your garage throughout the winter, and its parts can wear out due to inactivity.

As a result, once you start mowing season, you have no idea what perfectly running lawn equipment should sound like. So, if your lawn equipment’s engine has been acting up recently, it’s good to get it checked out at your local small engine repair shop.

On the other hand, what are the signs that it’s time to do so? Here are some symptoms when you need equipment repair services.

Lawn Equipment Does Not Start:

There are two possibilities if you’ve tried pulling the cord a few times, and it still won’t start. The spark plugs are the first thing that may need to be replaced. However, if you’ve replaced the spark plugs and your lawn equipment still won’t start, the engine could be the following problem.

We don’t advocate trying to fix the engine yourself because you can wind up causing more damage to your lawn equipment. Instead, it should be examined by a skilled small engine repair expert who can safely diagnose and fix the engine.

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Machine is Making Sounds:

If it makes a loud knocking noise, your lawn equipment’s engine may have a bent blade or a faulty component. If you ignore the sounds and keep using them, you risk causing more damage to the machine or blending more blades.

We recommend that you put down the lawn equipment and have a professional technician investigate the source of the loud knocking noise.

Smoke is Coming Out:

If you notice smoke coming from your lawn equipment’s exhaust, it could be due to a worn gasket. However, if the gaskets are in good shape, the problem could be with the carburetor on your lawn equipment.

The carburetor regulates the amount of air in the gasoline mixture. If the carburetor is destroyed, the number of gasoline increases, resulting in black smoke.

Replace the air filter in this situation to allow airflow into the carburetor. If it doesn’t work, talk to a lawn equipment repair service technician about the source of the smoke.