Where to Find Great Bulk Storage Solutions

Where to Find Great Bulk Storage Solutions

There are a lot of people that look far and wide to try and find solid bulk storage solutions for one reason or another. Getting this kind of storage in your apartment complex can be an incredible thing not only for you but for your tenants.

Knowing the right kind of storage for your situation can make your whole property feel that much more impressive to potential clients while also making everything a lot more profitable for you. But what is bulk storage and where do you find good bulk storage options? It can be hard to know.

We needed to get this information for ourselves, mostly for the purposes of this article, so we’ve decided to share the information that we’ve been able to find with you today to make things a little easier for you in your search. Hopefully, we can help you even just a little bit.

So, where does one look for bulk storage? What is bulk storage? How can you be sure that you’re getting good bulk storage? All fantastic questions that we will be answering throughout the course of this article. Stay tuned and we can all learn something new together today.

What is Bulk Storage?

If you’re new to the world of storage solutions, especially ones that you can put on your property, you might not be entirely sure of what bulk storage actually is. This can be somewhat of a confusing thing, so let’s learn some vocab first.

A lot of people think of bulk storage as things like warehouses. Places where you would store a massive collection of things, usually things that you intend to sell. In fact, bulk storage is defined as the following:

  • Bulk storage:
      • Bulk storage is a facility specifically designed to store a large quantity of unopened goods. This most commonly manifests as facilities like warehouses, but it can come in other forms. The goods in a bulk storage facility have to be unopened in order for it to have this designation. You can use a bulk storage facility for all sorts of things:
      • ● Cereal.
        ● Sporting goods.
        ● Cameras.
        ● Musical equipment.
        ● Art supplies.
        ● Bread.
        ● Boats.
        ● Cars.
        ● Automotive parts.
        ● Paint.
        ● Office supplies.
        ● Alcohol.
        ● Tobacco.
        ● Clothing.
        ● Jewelry.
        ● Candles.
        ● Jars.
        ● Children’s toys.
        ● Laundry soap.
        ● Pepper spray.
        ● Paper.
        ● Lava lamps.
        ● Other kinds of lamps.
        ● Stickers.
        ● TVs.
        ● Cell phones.
        ● Laptops.
        ● Tablets.
        ● Headlamps.
        ● Maps.
        ● Posters.
        ● Pet food.

You probably get the gist of it. Most people that know about storing things, in general, are aware of the meaning of the word “bulk storage” but that’s actually not what we’re referring to when we say bulk storage in today’s article. We’re referring to something else all together, actually.

Today’s article is actually about bulk storage lockers, which are a little different than what you would typically think of when you hear the phrase “bulk storage solutions” but it’s called that because it’s storage that you use to store things that you buy in bulk. This is a great thing for apartments!

Storage System – Deltadutch

Many people in apartments don’t have all of the space that they need to store everything that they get from their weekly trips to Costco, Sams Club, or whatever their favorite warehouse store is. This is where these storage lockers come into play, and they work really well for this kind of thing.

Why Get Storage Lockers?

A lot of people might wonder why this would be a good use of company resources. Well, like many things, it is an investment. That means that you’ll have to invest in it and do the planning yourself. That being said, this one is pretty easy to do if you’re aware of why people like these lockers.

The best thing about these lockers is that you can charge your tenants to use them. That means that you could easily get your tenants to pay for the lockers over time, and anything above the cost of the lockers is just money in your pockets.

The thing is that tenants really enjoy these lockers. There are plenty of people that will specifically seek out an apartment complex that provides these lockers so they can store their things more easily in them, rather than having to go elsewhere.

It just makes things a lot more convenient for people when they’re able to store things right near where they live. Without this option, they’d have to drive at least 10 minutes to an off-site storage facility in order to access their things, which can be complicated.

Said complications are only underlined by the fact that most of these storage facilities have strict hours. If you’re really lucky you can find one that’s open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, but if you’re less lucky you’ll be stuck with something like 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM or worse.

12 hours might sound like enough time, but imagine your cousin comes barreling into town at 1:45 AM and all of your guest bedding is in your storage locker that’s half an hour away and also very much closed. That’s not ideal.

Some off-site storage facilities are 24/7, but with those, you have to factor in the cost. Those places are not as cheap as places that are only open when they have staff on-site because they need beefier security systems to keep everything safe at all hours, even when no one’s there.

What About Security?

A lot of people are worried about how safe their things are. They did, after all, spend good money on those things and it’s kind of a pain when things get stolen. You either have to replace them or mourn their loss and in most cases, you have to talk to the police.

Whether you like the police or not is irrelevant, having to talk to the police after your stuff has been stolen is the worst. You didn’t plan for your things to get stolen, and now you have to talk to strangers about it? Surely, we’d all prefer to spend our days doing other things.

Then after you talk to the police, you likely still have to fill out a police report. Depending on your county, that’s another stressful addition to the experience. Oh, and you have renter’s insurance? Good thing, now you can fill out more paperwork before you can relax and start putting the ordeal behind you.

Once the paperwork is filled out, you’ve got to spend weeks, if not months, talking to the insurance company to try and get the money from them for all of your things that were stolen. What a nightmare, especially if you have sketchy renter’s insurance from some back alley insurance company.

So, needless to say, most people would prefer to skip over that entire process by being certain that their things are safe. It allows them to keep their things in their possession and doesn’t force them into some big, long, complicated process.

So, how secure are bulk storage lockers? Well, it depends. Some are not very secure because they’re very easy targets for smash and grabs. A smash and grab is the most common type of theft because of how quickly it can be executed.

This crime starts with the thief picking their target, usually on impulse. Maybe you left a phone in your car overnight, maybe there’s a stack of cash right under your kitchen window, or maybe the thief was just desperate and hoping to get lucky with their target.

Regardless of how the crime manifests, the thief will select a target that’s easily broken into. Usually, a window, which is where the “smash” in smash and grab comes from. They then grab whatever they can and run away. It’s a very efficient way to go about stealing stuff, which is why it’s so popular.

So, when you’re looking at lockers, you should make sure that you’re not picking something that would easily be smashed and grabbed. That means no wire mesh lockers, even though those can be dirt cheap and thus naturally net a higher return on investment.

So, what should you look for? Anything that has a strong enough design that it won’t be so easily broken into. There are a lot of things on the market, and you could even find options that will fit well within your budget. Security is a big deal, so make sure that you make it a big deal.

There’s an old saying in construction that should really be ingrained in all other industries:

Safety first, then safety second.

Getting Everything You Need for Storage

Storage is something that we all need to deal with. Whether they’re small storage totes or as large as storage containers that are shipped over the ocean on cargo ships, everyone has to deal with some kind of storage.

Knowing which is best for you can make a world of difference in the way that your apartment complex will be able to make money. Whether this is your only property or one of many, you can be sure that you’re getting everything that you need set up correctly for your property.