10 Signs To Know It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Replace Your Windows

You’ve done all the research and seen the commercials on T.V. about Northern Virginia window replacement. The money has been set aside, and now you are just waiting for the right time. Like they say, there’s no time like the present, but if you need a little push, here’s 10 signs and things to look for to let you know IT’S TIME to replace your windows!

1.) One or more of the panes of glass in your window frame are cracked or missing.

Broken glass in your windows can be a danger to anyone opening or closing the window. Shards of glass can break off if the window is closed too hard and can potentially injure people standing nearby.

2.) Conversations and noise outside the home can be heard within.

Old, single pane windows have very low sound transmission tolerances, meaning annoying outside noise can make its way inside the home. New, double glazed windows have higher Acoustic Insulating Properties, so the neighbor’s dog will not seem like he is barking in the next room.

3.) Your windows vibrate and rattle.

If passing trucks or low flying planes cause your windows to vibrate and rattle, it is time to replace them. Loose windows allow hot air in during summer, and heat to escape in the winter, resulting in higher heating and cooling costs. Old window glazing putty becomes brittle over time and can fall away from the frame, causing loose panes.

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4.) Condensation forms on the inside of your windows.

Drastic temperature differences between the outside air and the air inside your home can cause condensation. In the summer, this can cause old wooden window frames to rot, paint to peel, and dangerous mold to grow. In the winter, ice can form on the inside of the panes, making the house feel colder and harder to heat.

5.) Your windows stick, and are hard to open.

Windows should lift up easily to the open position, stay open without a broomstick, and close with minimal downward pressure. Wooden window sashes that have shrunken inside the frame will not stay open. Windows that have been painted too many times can stick and be hard to open. Forcing a stuck window can cause it to shatter, and in case of an emergency, a window should open easily for a fast exit.

6.) Drafts whistle through your window frames.

If the wind billows the curtains inside the home through closed windows, it is time for new units. Not only does this waste energy, but drafts can allow dust, small insects and outside odors to infiltrate an otherwise tidy home.

7.) You have been the victim of a break-in.

Windows that have no locking mechanism are just another open door for a burglar. Professional thieves can enter and exit through an open window, leaving no sign of forced entry. In 28% percent of reported burglaries, the thief gained entry through an unlocked door or window. All new windows come with easy to operate locks.

8.) Curb appeal.

If you are considering selling your house, the installation of new windows greatly enhances the appearance of your home. Also, you can justify a higher asking price with new windows. Your rental property can also benefit in the same way from new windows.

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9.) Higher energy bills.

If you are a person who watches every penny, you may have noticed your heating and cooling bills have been inching up every year. Economics have something to do with that, but a major cause can be those old, drafty windows.

10.) Your Electricity Supplier Offers Energy Credits

Check with the local electricity company and ask if they offer free energy audits. If the audit finds that your windows need to be replaced, you may be eligible for an energy credit on your next bill when you replace your windows.

These are just ten of the many reasons you may need to replace your windows sooner than later. Now is the time. Call your window replacement experts to schedule a free, no-cost evaluation of your window needs. Their design team will help with picking out the right windows to compliment the style of your home, and their fast, experienced crew will have your new windows replaced in no time.