Should You Choose Motorized Or Manual Garage Door

Garage Door

The quebec garage door manufacturer will give you the best answer to that question which depends on more factors. Motorized garage doors are definitely more comfortable than manual ones. Of course, if the budget and conditions of the site allow it. Other conveniences: control by mobile phone or via Wi-Fi via app, photocells, timer, 10x magnification of remote control and more.

If you are hesitant, consider the following 3 facts:

With door handles (all types), movement depends solely on the human hand and… mood. Practice invariably shows that a person is tired of being careful and increasingly strengthens the door and leaves the springs to retract on their own, which additionally burdens the mechanisms significantly. It shortens their lives. The engine, in turn, raises and lowers the door slightly, smoothly and as a result automatic door have a noticeably longer life than manual ones.

If you make the door manually, and then decide to automate it, the automation (for roller shutters especially) will be considerably more expensive, since workers have to come to the site again, disassemble the door, install the engine and then again assembled the whole door.

In roller shutters, lifting is associated with leaning to the ground, grasping the handle, straining your muscles, as well as loading your back and waist with all the weight of the canvas on the door (8 kg / m2 for steel roller shutters; for roller shutters 350×250 – 70 kg) and lifting it 20-30 cm from the floor, after which the springs support the movement. Consider if you have the desire and mood for this exercise each time.

For sectional doors, the manual version is associated with a significant reduction in the height of the opening, as the springs return the canvas to the door and take at least 10-15 cm from the height, which, in the presence of a motor, will not be taken away.

The color is usually more expensive, especially if it is an imitation of wood and not just a color in the catalog. The exceptions are the sectional doors, which have several other colors in the price of white (most often dark brown and anthracite), as well as the aluminum shutter doors, where the wood decors Golden Oak and Walnut are an appreciation over white.

 Garage Door

  • Sectional Door Surfaces

The choice of reliefs and surfaces is available for sectional doors – narrow strips (lowest price), wide strips, smooth panel or cassettes (relief rectangles), as well as bark, sand, smooth surface and others.

  • Flying Wings

For the wing – narrow vertical straps (lowest price), narrow horizontal straps, wide vertical and horizontal straps, timber strips.

  • Security

The promotional flying wings have the lowest level of safety. Then there are the more massive and thermally insulated flying wings. Roller shutters follow, and the high-end sectional doors rank shortly after.

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