5 Simple Tips for Taking Care of Poinsettia Flowers

Poinsettia Flowers

Christmas is coming! Everyone is already in a festive spirit, and you are probably getting your gifts ready! It’s time to bring out the Christmas tree, tinsel, wreaths, garlands, and poinsettia plants. The rich red petal-like leaves of poinsettias add to the holiday spirit and warmth, making them the most iconic plant representing Christmas.

While poinsettias are festive and beautiful, especially against the white background of winter, they can live throughout the winter season even after you’ve opened your presents and said your Christmas wishes. If you want your poinsettia plants to last beyond the winter season, consider these tips for caring for your beloved Christmas plants.

Place Them Where the Light is

Like most plants, poinsettias thrive when they receive ample sunlight. They may be associated with the chilly Christmas, but poinsettias are tropical plants! Position your poinsettia plants close to your window so they can drink up all that nutritious vitamin D. When poinsettias get ample sunlight, they’ll grow happy and healthy and will last until the onset of spring.

Keep Them in Cool Areas

While poinsettias grow healthier with sunlight, avoid keeping them in humid and warm areas. It is best to keep them in a place where the temperature is between 65°F (18.33°C) to 75°F (24°C), such as an air-conditioned room so that they won’t dry up quickly. In the Philippines, shopping malls, hotels, and condo developments such as Fame Residences place poinsettia plants in air-conditioned areas that receive adequate sunlight. Doing so helps the plants survive longer and continue to adorn the place.

However, don’t leave them out in the cold for too long. If you live in an area where temperatures drop to almost zero, close your windows at night. Doing so avoids drafts from damaging and wilting your poinsettia plants.

Water with Care

Since poinsettias are succulents, you don’t need to water them regularly. However, the poinsettias grow better when their soil is moist. Check if your soil is dry to the touch; water your poinsettia when it is dry to the touch to prevent the plant from drying out. Throw away excess water from the saucer because leaving your poinsettias to soak will cause their roots to rot quicker.

Fertilize with Caution

Poinsettias don’t need fertilizer when they are in full bloom. Start fertilizing them when they stop blooming in the spring. It is wise to fertilize them every three to four weeks until they start to bloom again.

Poinsettia Flowers

Prune Stems

If you want your poinsettias to bloom in spring, prune them by cutting a third of their stems. Cutting stems encourages bushier and healthier growth for your poinsettia. Mist the soil just enough to hydrate your plant and prevent them from drying or wilting.

Caring for your poinsettia plants doesn’t have to be tedious for them to blossom beautifully beyond the Christmas season. By regulating your watering sessions, giving them ample sunlight, and keeping them in cool places, your beloved Christmas flowers will survive and continue to provide you with joy even after the holiday season.