Why Wire Mesh Storage Bins Are A Bad Idea

Why Wire Mesh Storage Bins Are A Bad Idea

Wire mesh storage bins seem like a good idea at the time because they appear to be cost-efficient, secure, and adequate for storage. However, down the line, they cause more problems than solutions. It turns out that getting a great storage solution costs about the same and provides a lot more security. Why would somebody install more problems? Because they are unaware of the solution. Here are some reasons why wire mesh storage bins are a bad idea and some solutions that will help to fix the problems.

Lack Of Privacy

Wire mesh is just that; wire mesh. Anybody can see through it and know what is inside of the storage box. When you have an apartment complex with lots of people, you will most likely have lots of wire mesh storage cages to accommodate them. In this kind of environment, everybody can see everybody else’s stuff. There is no hiding and no privacy. Of course, people can put tarps over their belongings if the complex allows it, but this can cause more problems as well. Residents that pay rent should not have to cover their stuff with tarps in order to have the privacy that they deserve.

They Attract Thieves

As awful as it sounds, anybody can be a thief. It all depends on where their morals lie. If a kid sees a bike that they like and an easy way to get it, they might just think of a way to get that bike. If the bike is behind a wire mesh enclosure, it is going to be easy to get. A strong set of wire cutters or tin snips can slice right through the mesh, and a person can get in and out in a couple of minutes. Not every thief is a kid, and they don’t all have a simple agenda. If they know an area that has easy stuff to steal, they will hang around and look for things to get. When people’s belongings are stored out in the open for all eyes to see, they are vulnerable to theft. That is just the way it is.

They Are Not Secure

As we mentioned above, wire mesh storage cages are easy to break into. Anything and everything that is stored within them are at a greater risk than if they were behind a solid wall because people can see inside of them and know what is there. Even if the stuff is covered with a tarp, what is to stop a thief from watching a person putting things inside of the storage box? Yes, thieves can watch people put stuff into enclosed storage places, but the enclosed storage places are a lot harder to break into.

They Don’t Look Good

When a prospective tenant goes to a property to see if they would like to live in that place, they probably would prefer to see security and safety as opposed to clutter and chaos. Most people would prefer to live in a peaceful environment that they feel safe in. Wire mesh cages make a property look like a lockdown facility. Who wants to live near cages? On the other hand, secure, solid storage bins look fantastic, provide security, and are private. Many people looking for a place to live would prefer having a solid storage solution as opposed to a wire mesh box.


If you already have wire storage bins in place, don’t worry, it is easy enough to upgrade. Installing strong, secure, private storage solutions into your apartment building is probably a lot cheaper than you would think. On top of the cost-effective point, storage bins can provide an opportunity to generate more income on an ongoing basis by simply charging a small fee every month for each tenant. If you would like to learn more about this and get started today, contact the storage experts Bradyl Storage Solutions.