7 Lessons We Learned While Hiring Local Moving Companies

7 Lessons We Learned While Hiring Local Moving Companies

Moving & relocating across the town may not load you with terror, but can indeed make you experience some real fright & stress. The very first issue comes while trying to look for local movers. When every other industry claims to be the best & promises to provide excellent services for Storage Units Near Me, it is definitely not an easy job to differentiate between good & bad Moving Company Near me. Finding good Storage Facilities Near Me is not as easy as simply browsing a phone directory, picking the nice name & hiring them. Apart from asking friends & relatives for recommendations & combing the reviews, there is a lot more to the procedure of hunting for that right local mover, who can brilliantly serve your needs. Here are a couple of things you must learn before hiring any Local Moving Companies –


Movers are regulated by federal, state & local laws. At federal level, the moving company which carries goods across state lines needs to be licensed by Department of Transportation. At the state level, laws vary widely, & several states don’t need moving companies to have the separate license. For those that do, verify that licenses are current.


Usually, the moving companies charge on basis of distance to be travelled & volume of goods to be transferred. Still, it is good idea to get estimates about cost factor before agreeing on terms. There can be various alterations between estimated value & final cost, thus, you can ask for the clause stating that change can’t be more than 10 or 15 percent different. While asking for price quotes, you can invite the movers to your place, as this would provide you with the better estimates.

Search for the Potential Movers

Once you know the basics about the potential moving companies, it’s time to find out about individual’s experiences. You want to know get opinions from objective, third-party opinions based on dozens or hundreds of customer evaluations. While almost every moving company has had some type of complaints, having objective resources is vital. Fortunately, there are a few excellent resources you can use for free.

Background Check

No doubt, the recommendations can be of great help in making the wise decision, still to be hundred percent sure about credibility of the moving company, it is critical to perform the good research. The internet here acts as great medium to carry out background check. You can perform the full-scale search to see news, reviews, testimonials, or articles about them. In fact, you can even check if there were ever any complaints issued against them & whether they were totally resolved to consumer’s satisfaction. Thus, instead of limiting yourself only to what all your friends & colleagues say, carry out your own research & probe about numerous local movers around your area.

‘Binding Not to Exceed’ Estimates

There are two primary types of moving estimates – binding & non-binding. Binding estimates are contracts & are binding on both you and the moving company. Non-binding estimates are not contracts, & offer those moving with the limited rights. ‘Binding Not to Exceed’ estimates put the firm cap on amount you can be charged, so long as you do not request additional services or add items to be moved. Moving companies tend to be careful in creating such estimates, & numerous companies don’t provide them at all. However, wherever possible, see if you can get your potential movers to agree to create one for you.

Trust Recommendations

Whether you pick the moving company from the local advertising or from the internet, you have to know about their reliability before hiring them. Nowadays, anyone with good money can give advertisement online or in magazines, newspapers etc. & make their moving company look competent & trustworthy. But, only the genuine moving company would have people around, who will be keen to recommend it to others. You can ask your co-workers, friends or relatives to know what they have to say about the company that you are intending to hire. Talk with the people who provide you good information about reputed local moving companies.

Make Checklist to Ensure Smooth Functioning

Always make checklist of all that you have to do & what you have to delegate to mover, so that you do not forget anything at last minute by oversight. Think of the things which have to be packed & how each thing is to be packed as some fragile items will need extra care when handling & packing. Also, make a note of date which you find convenient to move & whether mover who you have short listed is free on that date. Once you have all such things noted down you can discuss it with the moving firm & be ready to start moving home.

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