Major Relocation Mistakes By Packers & Movers

Major Relocation Mistakes By Packers & Movers

The packing and moving tasks are much more than putting the items in the cardboard boxes and move to the new place. The relocation movers are highly trained professionals who aim to deliver quality service without any mistakes. A huge amount of seriousness and care is required from your end whenever you are planning to pack and move the items. So, the trained members avoid any kind of stress during the work and make sure to complete the tasks smoothly.

We have compiled some of the core mistakes done by the relocation movers in packing and moving the products:

#1. Incorrect Box Sizes

It is one of the most common errors from the movers. Often in a hurry, we miss analyzing the items and come up with any random-sized boxes. Also, it is quite a nice idea to recycle the old boxes and create new cardboard-sized boxes. But, the boxes must be sturdy and of the correct size in order to ensure the safety of the products. The boxes come in three common sizes like Small, Medium, and Large. The products will be set accordingly in any size of the box, and the product can be delivered successfully. 

#2. Putting Everything In One Box

Even if we have one huge box, never try to put everything inside one box. This approach could destroy the products as well. Inserting all the items in a single box makes it very heavy and is not easier to pick up and move. This also increases the chances of damaging the inside products. Often it happens that when we carry a heavy box, the items start falling on their own. This could land you in serious hot waters. Try to distribute the items in multiple boxes and carry the small-sized boxes to the new place. 

#3. Incorrect Packaging 

There might be various such items that have a high tendency of breakage or destruction. These could be the porcelain plates or crockery items of the kitchen. Such products need the highest level of security and concerns while packaging items. A bubble wrap inserted inside the boxes will help in keeping the items safe. The cushions are also advised to be used while moving products. The heavier items must be kept standalone in a box, and multiple boxes must be prepared. 

#4. Poor Labeling 

Adding labels in the boxes is another thing that plays a vital role in keeping the products and items safe. When a huge cardboard box has multiple items inside, you can’t figure out what all are there inside from the outer view. That’s why labeling is mandatory on the boxes. A sticker, marker, any symbol, or icon can be used to mark the label on the cardboard boxes. But, the labeling must have some details that make sure it is self-explanatory, avoiding any confusion while unpacking the items. It is an ideal practice to keep the size of the labels as 2 inches, and a clear list of items must be mentioned. The labels must be used on the side of the packing boxes. 

Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Packers and Movers

#5. Empty Spaces In A Box

Inserting everything in one box is not advised while packing and moving the items. Similarly, leaving additional spaces inside every box is also not the right practice. The empty spaces will make the items move inside the boxes, and hence the chances of damages are inside as well. You can keep trying to put the small items inside along with the heavy items to fill up the spaces. But, never put two such things with each other that could damage each other.

#6. Use Of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are no alternative to cardboard boxes. Even if you have run out of boxes, there is no way you can rely on plastic bags for the job. Plastic bags have no sort of protection guarantee of reliability and hence make sure to avoid them completely. You can simply arrange the cardboard boxes from the general retailers, food suppliers, and wine suppliers, etc. The boxes are even available with most of the mover’s companies. So, you need not worry and just find the boxes of the correct sizes. Make sure that all the items are only kept in the boxes instead of plastic bags. 

Bottom Line

There is various relocation software that can calculate the number of items, their weights, and how many boxes will be required for packing and moving the items. The relocation management software has all the necessary settings and functionalities to do your packing and moving tasks as seamlessly as possible.

Just choose the reliable company and services for the packers and movers and make sure to get the things handled by the professional teams and automated software. We hope the above-shared information proves helpful to you.