Blue Mall New Capital, About Quality and Sophistication

Blue Mall New Capital, About Quality and Sophistication

Have you ever wondered about starting a new business in a densely populated area? If the answer to that is yes, the Blue Mall New Capital is the best choice for you. The mall is one of the top commercial malls in the capital region. The primary focus of this building is on design and sophistication. You will be treated with exotic products in this area.

Being placed in a specific area attracts a large crowd from every location. We will help you understand the various factors of the Blue Mall New Capital. With this data, you can effortlessly invest in such infrastructure.


The Blue Mall New Capital is located inside the service area Com 6 on the R7 district. It is surrounded by various residential areas. Plus, many locations inside the capital are near this place. Landmarks like the Central and Bin Zayed Corridor are just 5 minutes away. Other locations like the government district, Green River, Cathedral of Christ, and Al Sefarat Neighborhood are 10 to 15 minutes of distance from this place.

The blue mall was specifically built for commercial shops. It does not have any administrative or medical units available. Also, the entire structure is divided into three floors with a separate roof and two underground garage areas.

Apart from this, the mall covers 3320 square meters of land. The interiors have large spaces to accommodate any shop.

Benefits of Purchasing

There are several benefits are provided by the Blue Mall New Capital for commercial work. Leaving the infrastructure aside, the building is filled with many facilities. Some of these are:

  • Security cameras and guards protect are placed throughout the building.
  • The blue mall is well-equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system.
  • Generators are installed for providing an uninterrupted power supply.
  • The building itself runs on a solar power system. Due to this, there is no shortage of electricity.
  • Artificial lakes with green vegetation help in creating a fresh environment.
  • Every gate can be controlled electronically.
  • The elevator system provides a panoramic view.
  • Various restaurants and food courts can be seen at various locations.
  • There is also a central air conditioning system installed inside the mall.

Price of Various Units

The price of different shops is given according to the size, quality, and features. The starting price of a shop in Blue Mall New Capital is 42,000 EGP. This price is per square meter area.

To purchase a property here, you can opt for a 6, 7or 8 years plan. Each plan requires a reservation deposit that starts at 5% for the 6 years package. Then come the down payment and installments over the years.

Leaving this aside, the Blue Mall New Capital has an annual return system as well. The system requires a 10%, 12%, 40% or 16% down payment with 30%, 35%, 14% and 50% returns respectively.

Why invest in Blue Mall New Capital?

The mall is equipped with the latest technology and features. It is becoming the hub for a large number of people. So, investing in such an area will never go to waste.