What is Car Space Storage?

What is Car Space Storage?

When it comes to adding on-site storage units to your property, it may seem like there’s no great choice for apartments with very little unused space for installation. Car space storage can provide private and secure storage for your renters while putting previously unusable space in the air above vehicles to work.  The only space you need is existing, standard-sized parking spots, and you can offer these innovative and stylish storage units that are loved by renters. Installing quality parking space storage can also prove beneficial for you, by bringing in an additional monthly income from tenants renting out the storage units.

Are Wire Mesh Bins a Good Storage Option?

There are many types and kinds of storage that can be installed on your property, but some are undoubtedly better than others. Wire mesh storage units may be tempting because they seem to be the most cost-effective option for offering on-site storage, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only are wire mesh units insecure, unsafe and allow for little to no privacy, but there are also far superior storage units on the market that stay within the same price range. Wire mesh is essentially see-through, leaving your renters’ belongings vulnerable to wandering eyes, thieves, dirt and dust, debris, insects, and any other small critter that could find its way in. When selecting the best storage for the cost, the effectiveness and security of the units should be of the most priority.

When is a Car Space Storage Unit the Best Option?

One of the hurdles of installing on-site storage is finding the space on the property to house the units. Some properties are lucky enough to have large unused spaces where they can install traditional-style storage lockers, but depending on the number of storage units your property needs you may not have the needed space available. This is the scenario where using parking space storage would make the most sense. The biggest benefit of car space storage is taking advantage of previously unusable space in the air above vehicles in their standard parking spaces. You don’t need extra open space on your property to offer quality, secure, and private storage to your renters that they will love to use and feel value in renting monthly. Parking space storage is convenient for your renters, and also helps to keep your property looking more neat and clean. When renters don’t have a designated space to store their extra things, sometimes they use shared spaces like hallways and patios to stow away their belongings. With parking spot storage containers, your renters have an easily accessible place to keep their things and keep your grounds looking clean.

The Best Car Space Storage Unit

As we went over, not all storage units are created equally and any storage you install on your property needs to offer privacy, security, and safety for your renters. The Bradyl Box from storage solution company Bradyl offers parking space storage units that are high quality, secure and loved by renters. The Box features adjustable legs to fit easily over any car, SUV, and most sized trucks. It can hold up to 900 pounds of stored items and offers 80 cubic feet of storage space. They keep your renter’s items safe and secure in a solid steel box that is easily accessed by the renter whenever they need to. Best yet, the Bradyl Box is priced comparatively to wire mesh storage bins, and are highly preferred by renters in comparison to mesh bins. Give your renters quality, safe, secure, and private storage on-site, get yourself an added monthly income by installing storage your tenants find value in renting, and improve the overall value and appearance of your property all by installing the Bradyl Box to your already existing parking spaces.