Simple Storage Solutions for an Apartment Complex

Simple Storage Solutions for an Apartment Complex

In a recent study regarding storage solutions for apartments, the results showed that the majority of the people that live in apartments would rather have a place to store their extra belongings on-site than to have to use an off-site storage facility. Most of the residents stated that they are, or are in the process of, renting a storage place off the site of the apartment building. What these results suggest is that storage is in high demand for renters. It also suggests that landlords are in the position to make some great changes that will not only benefit the residents but, themselves with an extra source of revenue that will stream from added storage solutions.

Some Great Ways to Add Value

There are a lot of storage options available out there on the market today. The best kind of solution is the one that is going to add value for everybody involved. Bradyl Storage Solutions is the kind of company that will travel out to your property and conducts an on-site assessment to determine the best way to move forward in the storage installation process. They will uncover any available space that you may have overlooked while searching for your own solution. After they discover extra space and do a thorough look through of your whole opportunity they can determine a great plan for you and stand beside you every step of the way.

The Bradyl Bin

The Bradyl Bin is a revolutionary type of storage solution that can be constructed to fit in the spaces that your complex has in its unique manner. Strong, durable, and good-looking, this type of storage can be implemented for fewer costs than you might imagine. They are customizable storage bins that can come with roll-up doors and other preferred styles. One thing that is great about them is that they make the whole place look organized and secure. They can also bring in a good amount of extra money each month because renters will be willing to pay more just to have them.

The Bradyl Box

The Bradyl Box is a great solution for apartment buildings that want to provide adequate storage, without using up space. What makes these boxes so unique is that they are designed so that the tenant can part their vehicle under them so that the storage space is suspended over the hood of the vehicle. These boxes stand up on legs that can adjust to accommodate vehicles large and small. Although some large trucks and SUVs may have a hard time fitting in the space, most vehicles will fit snugly and securely under the box and provide great storage. It may seem small but there are 80 cubic feet of room in each box. This means you store a lot of stuff in one. This includes bicycles, camping gear, boxes, and other stuff. This solution also provides an extra stream of revenue because the landlord can charge extra for the storage. Most tenants would be more than willing to pay for it too.

The Bottom Line

Adding a great storage solution to an apartment building does not have to be complicated, nor does it have to cost an arm and a leg. There is an ever-growing demand for on-site storage solutions in the multifamily apartment industry so there is no time better than the present to get started on the project. All you have to do to get started is to contact the experts at Bradyl Storage Solutions and get the ball rolling. Learn for yourself how cost-effective installing storage boxes or bins actually is, and how much you can actually get from an installation.