Make Projects Easier With These Amazing Tools

Make Projects Easier With These Amazing Tools

Everyone has experienced the frustration of starting a project and then discovering that the tools on hand are not right for the task. Learn about the wide variety construction tools that can help make projects easier and faster to complete, as well as improving quality.

Construction Calculators

Calculators probably don’t come to mind when most people think of tools for construction,┬ábut the right one makes every project easier to compute. Avoid wasted materials due to miscalculations that result in miscuts.

Construction workers know the value of good math skills, but most people are not able to do the complex problem-solving necessary for a project in their heads. This is where the construction calculator comes in handy. Ordinary calculators are certainly useful, but these are specialized tools with a precise focus.

Some calculators are designed to assist with specific types of work, such as plumbing, while others are more generally focused to make a wide variety of common construction calculations. These specialized tools can calculate everything from area and volume to drop, stairs, angles, circles and arches. A good construction calculator saves time and money and improves accuracy on any project.

Construction Lasers and Laser Detectors

Forget about strings, levels and plumb bobs; construction lasers of various types make a project much faster and easier to complete, and accuracy is greatly improved. With traditional leveling tools, there is always going to be a slight margin of error. Laser construction tools eliminate this problem and make it easier to get accurate distances and perfectly straight lines the first time, every time.

When using construction lasers for accurate distances and level lines, a laser detector is also needed to receive the signals from the measuring lasers. These compact devices can be mounted on rods and make it possible to get accurate measurements quickly and easily, even when only one person is measuring. If someone is undertaking a project alone, these tools are indispensable.

Wall Detection Devices

Wall detection devices make construction work not only easier but also safer, and eliminate damages that can be costly and time-consuming to repair. These handy tools are used to detect utilities and pipes and find studs in walls as well as under flooring.

The advantages of wall detection in any construction project are obvious, but the safety factor is of even greater importance. Being able to detect wires and other dangerous objects hidden behind flooring and walls greatly decreases the potential for injury due to projectiles from cutting pipes or electrical injuries from cutting into wires. Safety gear such as eye protectors is always necessary when using power tools, but using this handy tool increases safety to an even greater degree when cutting into walls and floors.

JackJaw Stake Pullers

If a project involves removing old fence posts or signposts from the ground, these amazing devices are the key to saving time, preventing injury and making the job much less labor-intensive. They operate much like a car jack, hence the name JackJaw. Even the smallest person can easily operate this tool by themselves and finish in record time. The “jaw” part of the tool is used to grasp the post or stake. Then, after placing a scrap board under the “foot” of the device for support (if on a soft surface), the lever is moved up and down to gradually jack up the post with minimal effort.

Modern construction tools can make projects less labor-intensive, create safer working conditions, reduce waste, enable work to be completed faster, and improve accuracy and the quality of the finished product. These tools pay for themselves in reduced labor, injury and material costs. Invest in the tools you need for your projects.