Why Wire Mesh Storage Bins Are Bad

Wire Mesh Storage

Although wire mesh storage bins seem easier to use and you might think they cost less than solid storage bins, wire mesh storage bins have many problems. If you are searching for a cost-effective storage solution, before deciding to go with wire mesh, take a few minutes to consider an excellent storage solution that costs about the same (or less!) as wire mesh, but works so much better.

Wire Mesh Privacy Problems

One of the biggest problems with wire mesh storage bins is that anybody who walks by can clearly see what is inside them. Storing things that could be of value in plain view of the whole world is dangerous. First, it is nobody’s business what you have in your storage bin. Second, there is no need to put anybody’s personal property at risk. With wire mesh storage bins, privacy comes to an end. You never know who will walk by a see-through storage bin and come back to rob it later. Because there is no way to stop people from seeing in, other than to use a tarp, there is no way to keep stuff out of the public view.

Wire Mesh Security Concerns

There is not much to stop thieves from cutting the chain links of a wire storage bin and pillaging what is inside. A strong set of wire cutters or a pair of bolt cutters will slice right through the mesh in a matter of seconds. The fact that stored property in mesh boxes is not hidden from view is an invitation for thieves to search for things to steal. Once thieves find an easy target, they keep coming around until they are stopped. There may be cameras around the area, but if they wear things that hide their identities, what good is a camera? The best way to deal with recurring thieves is to hide valuables from their view.

Wire Mesh Storage Bins are Ugly

In many cases, competing with for new tenants with other comparable properties can be fierce. One of the biggest turn-offs for potential tenants is a place that looks ugly or unsecured. When you show your property to potential renters, they might quickly check you off their list of prospects if they see that the best you have to offer is wire storage cages. However, if they see a nice looking set of secure storage boxes, they might just stick around to learn more about the place.

Multi-Family Apartment Complexes

Tenants of multi-family apartment complexes with a limited amount of storage space could enormously benefit from a storage solution that provides security and privacy. Bradyl Storage Solutions recently initiated a survey to see how many tenants in multi-family apartment complexes would prefer an enclosed storage bin instead of a wire bin.  85% of the people survey said that they preferred enclosed private bins over wire mesh cages. The 15% left in that study all said that they didn’t have a preference. In other words, nobody preferred wire mesh cages. The best part of the survey is that most people who answered the survey would be willing to pay an extra amount of money monthly to have secure storage lockers. This should be an eye-opener for owners and managers of apartment buildings.