Application of Steel Structure in Agriculture

Steel Structure

Agriculture is one of the fields that all countries in the world attach great importance to. Agriculture not only involves the country’s food security, but also accounts for a large part of the employment problem. In recent years, with the rise of agricultural factoryization and the acceleration of agricultural scale, agricultural steel structure facilities have increased increasingly. Agricultural facilities are an important material basis for rural economic development and the improvement of agricultural production and life.

The application of steel structure buildings in the agricultural field is no longer uncommon. Common agricultural steel structure applications include: agricultural equipment, agricultural facilities, steel structure greenhouses, steel structure livestock and poultry houses, steel structure farms and pastures, steel structure granaries, barns, etc.

There is no need to elaborate too much on agricultural equipment and facilities. All kinds of machinery and equipment for agricultural production and harvesting are inseparable from steel agricultural machinery. For agricultural contracting and scale-up, these equipment are a must-have.

Steel structure greenhouses and greenhouses have been used by many farmers as a way to get rich. Many of the vegetables and fruits now are produced in greenhouses, which has greatly increased production capacity and farmers’ income. Due to the instability of traditional greenhouse buildings, they often encounter severe weather, such as strong winds, heavy rain, hail, heavy snow, floods, etc., which can easily cause heavy losses. The stability, durability and intelligence of steel structure greenhouse buildings bring stable benefits to the planting industry.


Steel structure livestock and poultry houses: chicken coops, pig houses, cowsheds, horse stables, kennels, etc. are now all made of steel structures. They are not only durable, well ventilated, clean and hygienic, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and insect-proof, but also equipped with intelligent equipment, making the breeding industry more convenient. Simple, convenient and easy to manage. To reduce the chances of livestock and poultry getting sick and increase production capacity and income, steel structure livestock and poultry houses have attracted more and more attention from farmers.

Steel structure farms and pastures: have high safety performance and can withstand natural disasters and cope with strong winds, heavy rains, insect damage, corrosion, etc. Make sure farms and ranches are running well and agricultural equipment is safe. It can also be expanded and renovated to be used as special rooms for agricultural product storage, feed storage, slaughtering, etc.

Steel structure granaries and barns: National grain storage is related to the livelihood of the entire country. Steel structure granaries and barns have been used for a long time. They have the advantages of large size, insect-proof, moisture-proof, rain-proof and corrosion-resistant, fast construction speed, easy installation, and low cost. The light steel structure is also easy to disassemble and reuse, and the walls are highly efficient. Energy-saving, in line with national land policy, environmental protection policy and sustainable development strategy, it is a new type of environmentally friendly structure.

Due to its environmental protection, structural stability, high earthquake resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof, energy-saving, strong and durable, easy construction, simple maintenance, and long service life, steel structures are widely used not only in the agricultural field, but also in other fields.